A comparison of french and english relations with native americans

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How did French relations with the Indians compare with those of Spain?

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The French and Native American Relations

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Relations Between the Indians and French

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It deadlines in the United States Capitol monarch. Compare and Contrast the English Relationship and the French Relationship with the Native Americans. Unlike the French and Spanish, the Dutch did not emphasize religious conversion in their relationships with Native Americans.

Instead, they focused on trade with American Indians in present-day New York and New Jersey. The French and Native American Relations. The Natives, in turn, treated the French as trusted friends. More intermarriages took place between French settlers and Native Americans than with any other European group.

English americans

Relations between the Natives and the English were not nearly as good. English, French, and Spanish Colonies: A Comparison Relations with Native Americans English Colonies Most colonies established by royal char- military conquest, poor relations with Native Americans, and numerous early failures to establish permanent settle-ments.

Largest Spanish populations. COLONIZATION AND SETTLEMENT (–) English, French, and Spanish Colonies: A Comparison © Media Projects Incorporated Published by Facts on File Inc.

Another important aspect of relations between these two empires and the Native Americans of the New World had to do with religion. Both France and Spain were Catholic countries, and both were.

Compare and contrast the native relations of The English and French with natives A comparison of french and english relations with native americans
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