Electioneering songs and party politics in

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Clever play on Bollywood songs for electioneering

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Whether you're frantically counting electoral college votes, throwing an election night party or working, like we at IBTimes will be doing, you don't have to sit in silence.

Electioneering, Songs and Party Politics in Southwest Nigeria

Define electioneering. electioneering synonyms, electioneering pronunciation, electioneering translation, English dictionary definition of electioneering.

intr.v. e·lec·tion·eered, e·lec·tion·eer·ing, e·lec·tion·eers To work actively for a candidate or political party. e·lec′tion·eer′er n. Experience Ghana; Where Election Winners Celebrate With Campaign Songs Of Losing Party.

It's a play on words: as the politician "goes forwards" - gains more power - the people "go backwards" - lose control and power - and because the politician is relentlessly electioneering, he will meet each person somewhere along the way.5/5(2).

Feb 28,  · Polling places are a politics-free zone. Could that change with a Supreme Court case out of Minnesota? The court is hearing arguments in .

Electioneering songs and party politics in
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