Lanzones mosquito coil

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• test the feasibility of a lanzones-based mosquito coil and • develop the value of resourcefulness and make an effective mosquito coil with less cost. D. Significance of the Study E. Scope and Limitations of the Study The Philippines, as we all know, is.

Lanzones Peelings as Mosquito Coil. fast spread of diseases carrying mosquitoes is one of the major problems in the community. In line with this basic problem, numerous researchers have been conducted regarding the use of insecticides from commonly grown plants in the Philippines.

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Lanzones, Rambutan, Eggplant, Tomato, Soybeans Ampalaya and other vegetables crops. Read more. It emits a pleasant and non irritating scent unlike other mosquito coil brands that use artificial scent Read more. Get latest price. Phimco Industries, Inc.

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Lanzones mosquito coil
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