Pharma industry growth

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Pharma 2020: from vision to decision

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Pharmaceutical industry

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Global Pharmaceutical Industry - Statistics & Facts

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D2L Pharma Research Solutions is a leading force in opinion leader engagement. Established in the yearD2L ‘Discovery to Launch’ has been at the forefront of providing exemplary service to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical communications companies since its inception.

Projected revenue growth rates of the global pharmaceutical industry in the periodby region Exclusive Premium Statistic This statistic displays the projected pharmaceutical revenue growth rate in form of the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) between andby region.

The Indian pharmaceuticals market witnessed growth at a CAGR of per cent, during FY, with the market increasing from US$ billion in FY11 to US$ billion in FY The industry’s revenues are estimated to have grown by per cent in FY Indian pharmaceutical market grew The single source for complete biopharmaceutical manufacturing solutions to safely and cost effectively process all dosage forms for life-enhancing drugs.

CONFERENCE INTRODUCTION: There needs to be a fundamental shift in drug discovery and artificial Intelligence holds the key to bringing the pharma industry into the 21st Century. Chemicals and pharma industry have come up as major pillars of industrial revolutions and have expanded its presence in a dominant fashion in the global markets.

Pharma industry growth
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