Serial dilution homework

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How to Work Microbiology Dilution Problems

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How to make a calibration curve and calculate sample concentrations using Excel – Video Tutorial

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WORKING DILUTION PROBLEMS PFUs for viral counts). A set of serial dilutions is made, a sample of each is placed into a liquefied agar medium, and the medium poured into a petri dish. The agar solidifies, with the bacterial cells locked inside of the agar. Colonies grow within the. Serial Dilution Protocol PDF It is a method of diluting a stock solution where concentration decreases by the same quantity in each successive step.

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Materials required: stock solution, test tubes, pipettes, beaker, and distilled water. [University Microbiology] Serial Dilutions and Colony Forming Units (balmettes.comrkHelp) submitted 5 years ago by confuzzed1 So the question is: Find the concentration of CFU in.

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Serial dilution homework
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