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What about China?

Report: Trade deficit with China has cost millions of U.S. jobs

In the White House speech, and in recent days, President Trump has taken particular aim at China - saying the US is losing out because of a $bn trade deficit with China, which. After setting a record of almost $29 billion in Junethe trade deficit between the first two largest economies of the world reached another historic high this August: $31 billion, according to China’s General Administration of Customs.

Both countries have imposed tariffs on the other in recent months. Bythe U.S. was exporting $ billion to China while importing billion from China—running a deficit of $ billion. Inthe Census Bureau reported Friday, the U.S. exported $ in goods to China while importing $ billion—running a merchandise trade deficit with China of $ billion.

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping in Beijing, China, in November Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP The White House has taken aggressive new steps in its effort to reduce a $bn trade deficit with. And the US has a massive trade deficit with China.

Last year, it stood at about $bn. Mr Trump's not happy about that. He wants to cut back this trade deficit, and he intends to use tariffs to. Although some US manufacturing jobs have been lost because of the trade deficit, US firms sell high-value products to China, including cars and trucks, construction equipment, and semiconductors, which support jobs.

US firms also export business and financial.

US trade: Is Trump right about the deficit? Us trade deficit with china
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