Vodafone core competencies

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An Analysis of Vodafones current strategic position

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Vodafone’s capabilities and core competencies Vodafone are able to compete with others and has the ability to merge with others while maintaining an effective, low cost organisational structure.

By investing in research and development, they are able to maintain technological leadership in market. Definition: Core Competence (Prahalad Hamel) CK Prahalad and Gary Hamel introduced the idea of core competence.

In their view, Core competence, is the unique strength of the firm that helps it to differentiate its products from the competitor’s products in the long run. Core competencies, knowledge and experience: Provide accurate, practical and timely commercial and contracts advice and support in relation to the business activities of Enterprise, particularly with regard to all aspects involved with securing, managing and developing Enterprise customers.

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Personal Effectiveness Competency Model for Telecommunications This document outlines the competencies which are likely to make someone in the telecommunications industry successful. It was developed by telecom professionals from staffing, recruiting and workforce development.

What you see here is an overview of the competencies.

Vodafone core competencies
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